Established in May 28st, 1977; ASIAKOMNET MULTIMEDIA (ASN) is one of the national’s leading company in supplying smart card solution enabling technology for innovative smart card and support solutions and offers the most diversified product and services portfolio available on the market today. Beside smart cards ASN also as a leading provider of data communication and Telecommunication solutions and services. In 2003, ASN became the first Indonesian-owned telecommunication provider to obtain FBO (Facilities Based Operator) license in Singapore.

ASN has its headquarters in Jakarta and offices in Singapore and throughout the major cities of Indonesia. With a complete range of product and services ASN offers a comprehensive array of solutions to its customers as one-stop shopping for any requirement in the area of turnkey smart card and telecommunication projects and day-by-day operational maintenance and support.

To support our sustained growth, we are inviting highly qualified professionals to join our team.


Requirements :

  • Male / Female, Age 25 - 35 years old
  • S1 graduated in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field
  • Having experience in Java Programming
  • Having knowledge in developing J2ME application
  • Have a strong programming and analytical skills
  • Have in depth knowledge of Object Oriented programming and RDBMS
  • Creative, energetic, fast learner and highly motivated
  • Self-discipline, responsible and goal-oriented
  • Able to prioritize tasks and able to work as a team
  • Strong personality and able to work under pressure to meet deadlines

If you would like to be part of a great company that offers tremendous jobs opportunities then please forward your CV resume, latest photo, and a cover letter to:

c/o Human Resources Department
Jl. Kramat Raya No. 140 Jakarta 10430
or by Email to:

Bworx is a leading financial solutions specialist and an accomplished business partner to an impressive list of well-established banking clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We are a team of highly motivated professionals whose shared passion is to contribute positively and significantly to our clients' business success. Our core values are integrity, teamwork, quality, continuous self improvement, performance driven and open communication. We invite energetic, disciplined, ambitious and meticulous individuals who desire to share our jobs passion and core values to join us as :

Job Vacancy - J2EE Programmers / Senior J2EE Programmers

Location : Indonesia (Jakarta) / Malaysia (Petaling Jaya, Selangor)


  • Design, develop and support banking solutions
  • Prepare functional and technical specifications
  • Conduct system and integration testing and support user acceptance
  • Develop applications in accordance with System Development Lifecycle


  • Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering related
  • 2 - 6 years of working experience in Java development
  • Good knowledge in J2EE design framework
  • Programming experience in Struts, JSP, EJB, JDBC
  • Experience in WebLogic / WebSphere platform
  • Database programming (Oracle - PL/SQL, MS SQL - TSQL)
  • Knowledge of Struts framework would be an added advantage
  • Good verbal and written communication, technical and consultative skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines

If you are interested to job vacancy we offered, please apply here CAREER

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PT. Mitra Karsa Utama vendor partners as telecom operators looking for energetic candidates for each oppportunity challenges below :


Job Desc :

  • Maintain Mobile Data Services up and running, ensuring high system availability of GPRS and VAS
  • Configure, manage and supervise all Value Added Service (VAS) System and some of GPRS system
  • Provide feedback to IT Planning / Engineering for network enhancements and capacity planning of the MDS infrastructure.
  • Maintain Data Service Tools as reliable troubleshooting and performance reporting for NETCO.
  • Provide ad-hoc data performance analysis for ad-hoc requirements from other Department.
  • Review and Perform User Acceptance Test for new system integration to Production.


Database Manajement System : MySQL, ORACLE

If you are interested to the job offer please click here CAREER

Huawei Technologies is one of the leading players in the global telecom market based in China. Currently, we have over 95,000 employees, of whom more than 46% are devoted to R&D. In addition, 45 of the world’s top 50 operators have chosen Huawei as their cooperator. In 2010, our contract sales reached US$ 26 billion, of which more than 70 % was from international markets, and represented a year-over-year growth rate of over 40%.

Together with customers and partners, we endeavor to enrich people’s lives through better communications. For more information about Huawei, please visit:

Job Vacancy - Wireless Engineer (BSS Engineer)

Job Responsibilities

  • Support and supervise installation, commissioning and maintenance of BTS and BSC.
  • Responsible to do software commissioning of BSC and BTS.
  • Responsible to do acceptance test with customer and provide technical support to customers.
  • Coordinate and provide technical support to other related department
  • Maintain customer network and doing troubleshooting network problem.
  • Supporting major activity in BSS network such as software upgrade, Expansion, re-homing, and others.

Jobs Requirements:

  • Minimum: Bachelor Degree (S-1) from Telecommunication or Electrical engineering background. For others with minimum 1 years experience in Telecommunication industry.
  • Good in BSS functional, Unix, and TCP/IP knowledge.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skill. Able to work under pressure.
  • Willing to be placed and travel all around Indonesia.
  • Fluent in English is a must, and mandarin skill will be an added advantage

If you are interested to the job offer, please click here CAREER


(Our Website :

A fast growing Information Technology Company, focusing on Consumer Banking, Business Banking Services and Network System Infrastructure, encourage the best professionals in their field to join our company to fulfill the jobs offer as : IT Consultant


Requirements :

  • Min. S1 (S-2 would be preferred) from Electrical, Telecommunication, or Computer Engineering, or equivalent
  • Experience more than 3 years
  • Preferably having IT Certificates
  • Having knowledge of Programming Language, Networking, and IT Management
  • Able to work underpressure
  • Proficient in English
  • Fast-Learner, Adaptable, Communicative

If you are interested with the career we offer, send your complete resume, other references, with position on the subject line, on December 15th, 2010 the latest to :

Human Resource Department
Jl. Kawi No. 38 Guntur, Setiabudi
Jakarta 12980

Or Email to :


PALYJA merupakan bagian dari Group SUEZ – Perancis dan Astra Group – Indonesia. Sejak 1 Februari 1998, PALYJA memiliki perjanjian kerja dengan Pam Jaya sebagai mitra swasta dalam penyediaan dan pelayanan air bersih bagi masyarakat di wilayah barat Jakarta.

Shared Address System & Basemap

Job Description

  • Conduct field survey
  • Draft a field sketch towards certain location according to field survey for shared address system and basemap.
  • Plotting of new connection based on report from every work unit.
  • Develop GIS data


  • Minimum Diploma in Geomathic/Geodesy/Informatics Engineering.
  • Minimum 1 (one) year experience in the same field.
  • Understand the concept of Geographic Information System.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office, and software such as ArcGIS Desktop
  • Understand the process of field survey for the latest shared addres system and basemap.
  • Fluent in English

Jobsdb Function
GIS (Entry Level)

For those who are interested and meet the above requirements, are encouraged to apply for this position by using quick apply button below or submitting an application letter and recent CV by e-mail to : ( max 100kb)

Application should be received not later than two weeks after the publication of this advertisement. Please indicate the position code in email subject.


PT. Jui Shin Indonesia berdiri pada bulan Agustus tahun 2001, beralokasi di KIM II, Medan – Sumatera Utara. PT. Jui Shin Indonesia merupakan satu – satunya perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang industri keramik di pulau Sumatera. Perusahaan mampu memenuhi kebutuhan pasar Sumatera dengan kualitas mutu produk terjamin, pelayanan yang cepat dan berharga yang terjangkau. Perkembangan pesat ini didukung oleh Level Top Management yang berpengalaman dalam industri keramik. PT Jui Shin Indonesia terus meningkatkan mutu agar dapat menjadi market leader dalam bidang industri keramik.

Perusahaan kami membutuhkan kandidat dengan posisi sebagai berikut :


Kualifikasi :

  • Pria, usia maksimal 35 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal S-1 jurusan teknik Geologi
  • Pengalaman min 5 tahun di bidang Industri Pabrik
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di luar Jakarta / Jawa
  • Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan dan berpikir secara strategik dalam mencapai target perusahaan
  • Mempunyai motivasi tinggi dengan konsep dan daya analisa yang kuat
  • Memiliki kemampuan berinteraksi dan berkomunikasi
  • Bertanggung jawab untuk menjalankan perusahaan dengan jujur, baik dan tegas
  • Mampu mengoperasikan Komputer Microsoft Office dan Internet
  • Memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan
  • Mampu bekerja dibawah tekanan dan memiliki loyalitas yang tinggi
  • Bersedia ditugaskan di luar kota
  • Aktif dalam berbahasa Hokkien & Bahasa Mandarin

Jika Anda tertarik dengan info kerja yang kami sampaikan, silahkan kirim aplikasi anda CV, recent photograph, copy of academic transcript, dll.

Email ke :
Alamat : Jl Pulau Pini Kav 600352, KIM II – Mabar – Medan, Sumatera Utara
Telp : ( 061 ) 687-1288 Fax : ( 061 ) 687-1323

Key elements for a lasting impression with your customers
This Week's focus: Unicycles, Foreigners and Free Publicity

My time in the South Island earlier this year was eventful. Amidst the myriad of accents, the flying unicycles, the dizzying altitudes and small armadas of insects, I found very little in the way of normalcy.

Naturally, they were celebrities. From my perch in the support van, I attempted (and often failed) to make myself useful to Connie, the superwoman who held everyone together, and I discovered something wonderful. When people think you're crazy, they're a lot nicer.

I became a hit with everyone I met, in Wanaka one of the riders received a hi five from a passing skater-boarder and went head over heels in mid pedal, I later met the sister of the flatmate of the offending skateboarder at a bar and engaged in a twenty minute conversation while Ken, the tour organizer, waited for the wine I had been sent to order. The riders were immortalized in a million photos from foreign cameras as tourists came to wonder whether this was a regular occurrence in New Zealand.

Reporters came from everywhere to meet the group; interviews were conducted at backpackers, on roadsides and at the occasional café. The jokes kept repeating themselves, I can tell you just about every unicycle joke in existence, and Ken has a bulging scrapbook of press clippings containing each and every one of those awful, awful one liners.

Let me reiterate my point to you though; these people are crazy. They tackled the steepest street in the world on unicycles, one of them punched a glacier (I still have the water from the chunk of ice that fell off), they rode 160km in one day through gale force winds, they even have their own slang, their own community, hell, they've got their own website.

The point?

These people didn't pay a cent for publicity, and everywhere we went I was hearing about them before they arrived. People love a nutter. They love a group of nutters even more. Ken sent out a simple press release, and bang, every newspaper in the South Island wants to meet this loony bunch.

So how can we harness this powerful tool of free publicity and twist it to suit our nefarious purposes? Well…

Having something just that little bit strange about your business is a great conversation starter, it's a way of getting people laughing, and more importantly, getting them talking. An ongoing gimmick, even better, one that's interactive, is fantastic way to not only get attention, but to build your business a long lasting market presence, it also gives you a base from which to work your marketing, an ongoing theme, adding a consistency to your image.

Organise something a little bit different, sponsor a teddy bears picnic, hold a funny hat day, if you do something a little wild, and then let people know, you'll attract interest, it's a great of throwing your name in a positive light. You can use it to reach out to your market and the people around them and reach them in a way that builds trust, because you took the first step without pushing them to buy. And better yet, you did it will they were laughing.

Press Releases
One of the best ways to get the word out to traditional publications is a press release, it doesn't have to be long, the press release for the SINZ tour was less than half a page, but it detailed when the riders would be in certain locations, what they were doing and generally outlined how funny and bizarre these people truly are. This was more than enough to entice reporters out to meet us as we entered and left towns, and the best part is, they did all the work. Ken, the tour organizer, simply had to email half a page to fifteen or so newspapers, and the word got round. People were talking about us days before we got to them, and you only had to mention a unicycle before people knew who you were. And what did it cost? Not a thing.

So be a little funky, and let the people come to you.

Wealth, Success, and Unicycles,

- Bridget Hughes

Bridget Hughes is a member of the team at, a resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. She also works as a marketing consultant and webdesigner, and has a bad habit of getting into odd situations.

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By: Lindelle Jones

There are two motivational forces that are common across all people. They are:

1) To avoid pain, at all costs.

2) To do those things that bring us pleasure of some kind.

As simple as it may sound, any decisions that we make can be taken apart until it is clear that we are chasing after these two things, usually simultaneously. The actual pain that we avoid and the pleasure that we seek varies based on personal taste and interpretation, and the reasoning to chase after them vary almost as broadly as the decisions that we choose to make.

This becomes easier to understand as you begin to realize that the main focus of the mind is to realize its' goals and discover a way to accomplish a task. Motivation is the game plan that your mind comes up with. Without motivation, you would not be able to complete even the simplest of tasks. Being the high-tech biological computer that it is, the mind is designed to allow you to respond and react seamlessly. This is done through three branches of the mind, allowing you to process information as it is revealed to you by your senses.

These branches are as follows:

- The Conceptual Branch: This branch is focused on our ability to create reason and logic and form beliefs about things that we do not always take in from sensory data. In terms of motivation, if you believe that what you are striving for is achievable, you will be more likely to attain it. However, when you begin to see your goals as being out of reach, you become less motivated to chase after them.

- The Perceptual Branch: Our ability to remember and recreate the data that we have taken in from our environment is completed by this branch. Our motivations are usually higher when we have more sensory input, meaning you are more likely to pursue the goal when there is something you can focus your senses on.

- The Emotional Branch: This branch works to interpret and express our inner emotions and feelings, and is where motivation is actually felt. Often, these emotions are a result of our beliefs and our values, but they can be manipulated by our environments as well.

- As a mentally healthy person, these three branches interact to allow you to feel and act upon the motivations that you feel towards different goals. The stronger your beliefs about a topic, the more likely you are to choose to follow them, and create what is called a "value". Values shape not only the goals that we are currently working towards, but they also determine our next steps and can predict what types of challenges and obstacles we will choose to overcome in the future.

As you learn to manage your beliefs, you will come to the realization that many of our motivators are determined and influenced by them. Once you feel comfortable taking on the challenges, and allowing yourself to be motivated by your beliefs, you will find that your life can be enriched by exciting experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities.

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By: Jimm Chris

Imagine this: You're the owner of a seat MNC company that produces seating for wheelchairs, auditoriums, and cars. You have approximately 100 employees, 90 percent of which are upholsters, sewers, gluers, and material cutters. The other 10 percent are office staff. Basically, you have a diverse group of employees, each with different jobs, concerns, and needs. The big question is: How do you motivate all of these people?

Treat your employees in a good way and your company will turn out well:
If you are a smart business owner, you will realize that employee motivation at the workplace is vital to a company's success. If your employees don't appreciate their bosses, their job, and their company, then your business will not thrive.

Your employees must WANT to work at your company. They must have pride in their career, as well as the outcome that they are making. This about it this way: If your employees truly believe in what they are doing, they are most likely going to output a high-quality product in as promptly a manner as possible. In the end, your customers will benefit from this. Your company will benefit from this. And your employees will the gain from this. Success is truly a chain reaction that begins and ends with employee motivation.

Put yourself in the shoes of your employees:
So how do you get your diverse mix of employees motivated? Why would anyone want to wake up at 7 AM five days a week to sew material to make seats for wheelchairs?

Would you get up to do this if, hanging above your department, you saw photos of the disabled people using the seats you stitched? Would you get up to do this if you were able to voice your ideas for new seats to your boss and to the whole company in weekly meetings? Would you get up to do this if you were given pay incentives or other types of rewards for the number or quality grade of seats you got done in a month?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you would be considered a motivated employee. At least one of these things would have challenged you and would have given you reason to come in to work.

Think about some vital points that enhance employee motivation:

  • Every employee wants to feel appreciated in some way.
  • Every employee wants to be given some sort of proof that what he or she did bettered the world, the community, or just the company in some sort of way.
  • Every employee wants to feel that his or her opinion is at least heard - whether or not it is actually used. Having the opportunity to voice an opinion and bring new ideas to the table is a constructive thing for both an employee and a company.
  • Every employee wants to be rewarded for a job well done. It is understandable that large raises and elaborate prizes cannot always be available. But sometimes a simple acknowledgement from an owner or a boss can mean a great deal.

As a business owner, or as a boss, understand that one wants to work hard only to end up feeling unappreciated in the end. In a corporate world where money and power appear to mean success, it is key to remember that without good employee motivation at the basic level nothing else would be possible.

Visit my blog at How To Get Motivated by clicking the link to read more articles on ways of getting motivated.

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Claudia Brown talks about how building the right team will help your organization. Learn how picking the right people and creating the right environment can do wonders for your workplace.

Build a Team - The Right Team (There is a Difference)

Creating the right team is imperative to your success. A team is comprised of people who can bring necessary skill sets to the venture. A team is different from partners. Partners are financially and legally tied to the venture while team members are brought in to create and continue the process. Team members can be employees or sub-contactors.

These are people you can control - you get to pick them. You can use their services for as long as you like. If they don't work out as planned, you can find a different team member or you can find a place on the team where this person can be more effective.

Creating the right environment for the team is equally important. People will give their best when they feel that their services are being valued and that they are entrusted with producing a part of the success of the venture. Team members must have the same values as that of the venture and they must follow the same code of conduct consistent with your desired outcome. They must truly want the venture to be a success and feel that they are a part of that success. They must do their job well with the other team members.

Differences are encouraged only if they are presented in a positive fashion, recognizing the efforts of the others. Each team member must give more than they are asked for in their areas of expertise. This does not mean extra hours; it means do your jobs with heart and soul, working with the creative minds flowing, working with a positive mental attitude, and working together with the others so that all are winners.

What ideas do you have that will create a positive, successful team? How can you create this team and have each person feel that they are as important a part of the success of the venture as you are? Study successful entities to find out how they treat their team members. Find out what motivates team members in successful entities to keep them successful - is it money, power, trust, fear, etc.? Thinking these things out before you create the team will help you in putting together the right team for your venture.

You should write out all the positions of your team and keep updating it as you grow as when you grow you will need to change out some positions on your team. This is a big mistake that people make as they grow. They keep the same team members that were effective when they were small and they do not re-evaluate the need for replacing members who have not grown to levels where they are now needed. Therefore the overall team growth is limited by the lack of ability of one or more members. Just like upgrading your peer group, always be open to and active in upgrading your team members.

You must strive to place the right people on your team. This goes for all positions you pay for, including lawyers, accountants, advisors, sub contractors etc. Be clear on what is a must upfront and make the positions open as specific as possible.

If you are just starting out then make your team as simple and complete as possible. Just be sure that your team members are able to excel and have knowledge in the industry and direction you are going in. The last thing you want to do is to have to micromanage your team members. If you find you are doing so you have made a mistake and replace them right away.

Your team members must be proactive to your needs and outcome. If not replace them or place them in a position where they can be more effective. Please always keep in mind that in most cases you are paying for their services in one manner or another. Never pay a team member 100% upfront for their services as this always gives them something to aspire to. Placing the right team members in the right place will make your endeavor soar.

About the Author:

Doug and Claudia Brown use their 40 plus years of business building experiences to educate people on how to create six figures or more in 24 to 36 months or less. For more information, see their website at